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  • Pulled Pork 

  • Double Leg Chicken

  • Whole Chicken

  • Beef Brisket

  • Baby Back (rack)

  • Cedar Planked Wild Sockeye Salmon  




Add some homemade sides with your meal


  • Baked Beans

  • Apple Cole Slaw

  • Red Potato Salad

  • Mix Salad with cucumber & cherry tomatoes

  • California Greens with Pecans/strawberries/feta     

  • Homemade 4 Cheese Macaroni & Cheese

  • Baked Potatoes with all the sides  

  • Corn on the Cob with butter & salt  

  • Veggie Kabobs

  • Homemade Baked Buns 

  • OUR FAMOUS Corn Bread  


  • BBQ Wings: 25 pieces or 50 pieces (Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce or Salt & Pepper)

  • Quesadilla Tray: 6 Quesadillas (Black Bean, Pepper Jack Cheese & Feta)​

  • Sliders: By the dozen

    • Pulled Pork - Topped with Coleslaw & BBQ Sauce on a Brioche Bun

    • Beef Brisket- Topped with Coleslaw & BBQ Sauce on a Brioche Bun

    • Pulled Chicken- Topped with Coleslaw & BBQ Sauce on a Brioche Bun




All Desserts are baked in-house!! 


  • Chocolate Cream, Lemon Meringue, Coconut Cream, Pecan, Apple, Blueberry, Cherry and the most famous one - Sweet Potato Bourbon Pie

  • Chocolate Brownie

  • Fresh Baked Cookies

  • Fresh Cut Watermelon

  • Fresh Assorted Fruit Platter​



It is your choice of either BBQ Smoked Pulled Pork OR Beef Briskets. (Both are smoked for up to 15 hours!)


Served with Fresh Baked Buns, Homemade BBQ Sauce, Baked Beans, Apple Coleslaw, Bottled Water and Watermelon



Your Guests get to build the burger how they would like it.


You have a choice of 2 of the following:


  • 1/4 LB Beef Burger

  • Grilled Chicken Breast

  • Smoked Turkey Burger

  • Grilled Salmon Burger

  • Grilled Veggies Burger


Served with Apple Coleslaw, Bottled Water, Watermelon and all the fixings: Fresh Baked Buns, Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, Cheese, Pickles, Mayo, Mustard, Relish and Ketchup



  • Beef Brisket with BBQ Sauce with Mexican Spice

  • Chipotle Chicken

  • Assorted Tortilla and Hard Shells Tacos

  • Fresh Limes

  • Sour Cream

  • Fresh Guacamole

  • Cheddar Cheese

  • Black Beans

  • Kernel Corn

  • Fresh Tomato Salsa

  • Shredded Lettuce

  • Mexican Style Rice

  • Taco Salad with a Lime Cilantro Dressing  


1-hour service window, service staff, biodegradable plates/forks/knives/napkins and buffet tables & covers are available upon request.

Minimum of 25 guests


Let us help you create a customized menu for your special event. We will deliver a delicious self-service buffet for small or large gatherings.
We will take your event to the next step.
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